What's the Best Dethatcher?

What's the Best Dethatcher?

Simple answer, ours. But let's explain. There are COUNTLESS cheap, imported dethatchers and 3 point rakes on the market. Ranging anywhere from $200-$500, these lower quality imported products can get the job done for a season or two, but will soon get worn out, leaving you with no parts or service contacts to renew your attachment.

Dethatchers are wear parts by nature, they're moving across the ground, scraping rocks, branches, rough soil, and gravel during their lifetime. A dethatcher needs to be maintained to operate at it's maximum potential. With limited parts availability for the cheap dethatcher, it becomes more of a headache than an asset.

We saw this problem and fixed it. Manufactured here in Clear Lake, MN, our dethatchers come with the peace of mind of knowing you can get replacement parts when you need them. Accidents can happen-- tines can bend, pin holes can get sloppy, but with replaceable USA made parts, it's not an issue for a CMP Dethatcher owner. 

We fabricate and source only the best components for our 3 Point and Zero Turn Mower dethatcher builds. We use agricultural grade tines and an overbuilt chassis to stand up to years of use before needing refreshing or repair. Invest in your yard with quality equipment, and you'll be the envy of the neighborhood.

To top it all off, we're employing Americans in America, providing for families and futures. That's the best part of the best dethatchers.


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