In 2007, we saw there were no solid Dethatcher options on the market. Sub Compact tractors and Zero Turn Mowers were flooding into the market, but the attachments available were not up to the wear and tear these new machines were putting on them. So we made them. And almost 20 years later, here we are, still making the best quality Dethatchers on the market, here in Minnesota.

  • Why Dethatch?

    When the layer of thatch built up by time, weather, and organic debris becomes too thick, it's time to dethatch your lawn. If thatch is left in too thick a layer, it will hinder grass growth and result in a sad, ugly lawn.

  • What is Thatch?

    Thatch is the layer of undigested roots, leaves, and organic plant matter that settles between your grass and the surface of the soil. It's dead, so it presents as a brown "blanket" under your growing grass.

  • Is Thatch bad?

    Thatch is a natural layer in your lawn's ecosystem. In nature, it provides insulation and durability to the soil. In your yard however, it results in shallow root systems, deprives your grass of nutrients, and blocks fertilizers from reaching the root zone. So, in our case, yes.